How has yoga changed your relationship with your body? - Nicky Knoff

Nicky Nicky Knoff, Knoff Yoga

When young I was into exercise of all types: swimming, skiing, field hockey, baseball, tennis, squash, javelin throwing, and bush walking.

I was living in Japan and travelling the world when I started practicing yoga in October 1970. The more I practiced and learned, the more I appreciated the art and science of yoga.
Yoga changed my relationship with my body because it taught me the importance of a holistic and balanced practice. To get the full benefit of yoga, I needed to include all the limbs of yoga.  Asana is great, but incomplete without Pranayama and Meditation.  Asana, Pranayama and Meditation are incomplete without the understanding and application of Yoga Philosophy.

Our bodies change over time.  As we age we lose much of what we took for granted.  The beauty of a holistic practice is that as one area contracts another expands.  As asana becomes restricted, pranayama and meditation offer more.

Long-term yoga practice has taught me that we are much more than a body.  When we are young we focus on the physical, but as we mature we can continue to expand our consciousness and grow into our potential as spiritual beings.