Stretch your body, calm your mind

Class levels


We offer 4 Levels of study for a comprehensive yoga education:


LEVEL 1 (Introduction to Yoga)

The perfect way to start yoga. Based on a 5-week rotational program so you may commence any week. Say you join in Week 4 – you would do 4, 5, 1, 2 & 3 to complete the 5 weeks. The course is designed to get you comfortable and confident to progress to Level 2, but you may continue with these classes for as long as you wish. [26 Postures (asanas) and 2 Pranayamas (breathing techniques)]



These classes use the same syllabus as Level 1 but move at a quicker pace and expand on the use of Vinyasa (linking techniques) to build upper body strength, create heat and improve mental focus. As in all of our classes, postures and techniques are modified, if necessary, to ensure all students are able to participate and benefit. [26 Postures (asanas) and 2 Pranayamas (breathing techniques)]



As you progress with your yoga practice, the postures become more challenging. At this level we are studying stronger versions of all the Asana groups but always being aware that we work according to our capacity. You need to be competent with Level 2 before attending Level 3. If you are not sure, start with Level 1 and 2 first. [45 Postures (asanas) and 9 Pranayamas (breathing techniques)]



At this level we study Handstand, Forearm Balance, Headstand (and variations), plus stronger versions of the other Asana groups. You must be competent with and understand the techniques of Level 3 before jumping in over your head. These are advanced classes working on advanced postures. [62 Postures (asanas) and 9 Pranayamas (breathing techniques)]



'All Levels' classes are designed to accommodate different levels of yoga experience and all students are welcome.



Combined level classes are predominantly taught at the lower level but we introduce some higher level postures from our 5-week rotational theme.



As your experience progresses, you can still continue to attend the lower level classes. This has many benefits, especially maintaining the poses you have already learnt. You also shouldn’t necessarily work at your edge or highest intensity during every practice. Have both challenging and then also less intense practice days. Your body and mind will appreciate it. This helps keep you motivated and inspired and also gives you access to a greater variety of classes and times to fit your schedule.



One hour, one-on-one classes are designed to deepen your understanding and speed up your progress. Ideal for improving technique and for specific health challenges such as: back-pain, posture improvement, structural imbalances, scoliosis, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, depression, headaches, pregnancy etc. Discounts are available for group bookings.