Stretch your body, calm your mind

Our teachers

Nicky Knoff, Master Yoga Teacher, Founder & Creator

Together with James Bryan, Nicky is the founder & creator of the unique Knoff Yoga training system for yoga practice and yoga teacher training.


Throughout the year Nicky travels frequently to run yoga classes, yoga courses, workshops, intensives and yoga teacher training.


Nicky teaches yoga with a detailed approach. Each part of the body is awake and contributing to the whole part of the structure, to bring heightened awareness and a deeper connection between body, breath and mind.


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James Bryan, Master Yoga Teacher & Programme Director

Together with Nicky Knoff, James is the founder & creator of the unique Knoff Yoga training system for yoga practice and yoga teacher training.


As programme director, James oversees our yoga classes in Cairns (and steps in for Nicky when she is away sharing Knoff yoga around the country and the globe!), as well as offering mentorship to Knoff Yoga teachers.


James is also responsible for creating and sharing the inspiring Knoff Yoga weekly philosophy themes which you can experience for yourself at a Knoff Yoga class, course or teacher training near you.Classes with James are technical, but fun and light-hearted. James emphasises the three E’s exercise, education and entertainment.

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Nicola Mellick
Nicola Mellick - Yoga Teacher:

Nicola was introduced to Yoga by her Grandparents and Mother. She’s practiced throughout her life, particularly Iyengar and Hatha Yoga. In 2008 Nicola was introduced to the Knoff Yoga School and in 2012 Nicola completed her Knoff Yoga Teacher Training (Discovery and Foundation Levels) giving her the opportunity to share her passion for Yoga with others.

Yoga provides so many tools for a healthy and peaceful life. Practicing Yoga teaches us so much about ourselves, physically and emotionally, providing the tools to grow, develop and maintain inner peace, living with strength and flexibility.

Nicola's career has included work as a Teacher, Psychologist and in Community Development.


Owen Scotts - Concierge:
Owen is a highly valued member of our team. He is the official Yoga School concierge, International Retreat Concierge and is also an assistant teacher in public classes. Owen has also been heavily involved for many years in the day to day activities of running and maintaining The Yoga School.

Being the official meet and greet person during some of our busy yoga classes, Owen is skilled at making new students feel welcome and comfortable. If you have not yet met and chatted with Owen at any of our public classes, then make sure you take the time to say hi - you won't be sorry you did!

As a community-minded person, Owen has also been involved with the YAPS animal shelter for over 10 years, holding the position of Vice-President for 5 years. He also worked as a volunteer at the Salvation Army for many years.

Owen first started practicing yoga over 22 years ago - "I was practicing modern ballet and was working a lot, I found yoga to be a more manageable exercise. Yoga has kept my body moving and healthy - I only wish I had started sooner!"

For anyone contemplating starting a yoga practice Owen suggests "Go for it!" and he describes yoga as a saviour.

Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell - Yoga Teacher and Office Manager:

Nicola first discovered yoga just after giving birth to her second child in 2006. “I was searching for some solace in my crazy, sleep deprived world. Yoga has taught me patience, resilience and acceptance, all of which I am convinced has made me a better mother.”

Nicola was introduced to Knoff Yoga in 2008 and was so impressed by the quality of the teaching and the commitment and passion of the teachers, that she became a regular student.

Through her regular class attendance she came to know Nicky and James well and started working for them at the beginning of 2012.  In 2013 she completed the Discovery Teacher Training course and began her teaching career.  “I immediately loved teaching, I'd found my passion.”  She carried on with her education by completing Foundation and Chair Yoga in 2014 and Intermediate in 2015.  As well as teaching at The Yoga School Nicola’s job description extends to the Yoga School Manager where she ensures that the Yoga School is running smoothly. 

“Yoga can and will change your life, and one of the things I love about it the most, is that you can do it for the rest of your life.”

Ross Thomas
Ross Thomas - Yoga Teacher:

Ross first came to The Yoga School in 2010 hoping to gain some relief for a sore lower back. After a few regular classes, he knew he’d found the perfect remedy and quickly had his back moving freely again. Having found the style of yoga he was looking for, Ross soon became a regular at public classes and workshops. His passion for yoga gained momentum and Ross was inspired to pursue the path of training as a Knoff Yoga teacher.

“The depth of experience and the integrity of the yoga teaching I received at The Yoga School inspired me to pursue training as a Knoff Yoga teacher.” Ross says he has also gained vastly more from yoga than just the physical benefits, including the chance to meet so many inspiring people.

“There is no doubt that yoga can be both physically and mentally challenging. But for me the rewards are well worth the effort. It has been great to learn and apply techniques that can help make not only your own life a little better, but also those around you too.”

Ross considers himself fortunate to continue learning and teaching yoga with the team at The Yoga School. He also acknowledges that the wealth of experience and knowledge that Nicky and James bring to teaching yoga is inspiring. “The practical and structured approach of the Knoff Yoga system is unique and provides students with a clear path for growth. I am grateful to have this chance to help share the benefits of Knoff Yoga with others.”

Rossi Postler - Yoga Teacher:

Rossi first tried yoga in 2007, when she was pregnant with her son Jacky. Her life has always been very active, with lots of traveling and different sports.  The pregnancy yoga was ideal to slow everything down during the pregnancy and also to reconnect with herself, helping her to stay in the present moment.

Rossi started with The Knoff Yoga School in 2013 and was surprised at how much strength and flexibility could be gained through yoga. "After my first yoga class I knew I had found something that would stay with me forever. It felt like it was meant to be."

Yoga has helped Rossi to be more patient as a mother, more compassionate as a friend, more balanced at work and much gentler with herself. In 2014 Rossi completed Discovery and Foundation Teacher Training with Nicky in Dresden, which she considers to be one of her most amazing experiences. She then finished the Intermediate Teacher Training in 2016.

"Being taught and mentored by Nicky and James is very precious. Yoga is like a journey that never ends, which makes it so interesting and fun and challenging at the same time."