Yoga Fundamentals Workshop - The Perfect way to understand the Practice of Yoga

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Meditation, breath work, balance, strength, flexibility, movement, alignment, mindfulness - there are many aspects to a yoga practice; it can take a while to fully understand what they are and how they all tie together. Taking the journey to learn how they combine with each other and experiencing the benefits when they do is exceptionally rewarding.

An excellent yoga teacher will ensure that their students are aware of the importance of each discipline and how to get the most from their practice. However, even the most attentive of us forget what we’ve been taught or unintentionally slip into bad habits.

At The Yoga School in the heart of Cairns, we understand how daunting it can be to start a new form of exercise, or if you have been taking regular yoga lessons to admit you are not quite sure what you should be doing. That’s why we run our Yoga Fundamentals class every so often to encourage new and seasoned yogis to get the most from their practice.

Meditation Dedication

At the Yoga School, we start our practice with meditation; the beginning of our time on the yoga mat is an excellent way to focus your thoughts in order to make the most of your class.

Starting your practice with a brain that won’t be still can be deeply frustrating and even experienced yogis can have trouble trying to quieten their mind. Like the rest of this ancient form of exercise, meditation requires dedication and determination. 

Nicola and Ross will take you through the mind centering techniques that allow you to still your thoughts and bring them under your control creating a beneficial mind space for you to appreciate the balance and strength throughout your body.

Breath and Movement

This particular skill can be quite a challenge to get right; often we can get part way through a class and realise that we’ve forgotten whether we were supposed to be breathing in or out. We may have had it explained to us a dozen times, but when we’re concentrating on so many things at once, it’s easy to let things slide.

Breathwork compliments our movement and in turn, continues to focus our minds on our bodies and what we are doing physically.  Whether you are a complete beginner or have had the benefit of regular yoga lessons, reinforcement of the breathing technique through our fundamentals class will help to create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the synchronicity it brings.

Strength and Flexibility

We all bring something different with us when we start yoga (and we don’t mean the colour of our leggings). Some of us have strong bodies while others have a flexible one, many have neither of these things. The complete joy of yoga isn’t how you start, but how you progress along your journey and even the most well practised dedicated students and teachers at our school in Cairns have room for improvement. 

The sense of achievement that comes from seeing and feeling yourself become stronger and more flexible will feed your spirits and nourish your determination.

The fundamentals workshop will explore and explain the difference between being strong and being flexible, and how to adjust and adapt each pose depending on your body shape and size.

Correct Alignment

Yoga is wonderfully challenging, which is what makes it such a unique and wholly rewarding way to exercise.  In our yoga fundamentals workshop, working with correct alignment, we will show you how just the slightest adjustment can make all the difference to how the pose feels.


In a recent blog post, we talked about considering a yoga class as your ‘me time’ and mindfulness is a vital part of achieving this.  It is the part of the practice that breaks down the barriers between our actions and ourselves; we learn to think and feel within the moment allowing us to become fully aware of what we are doing with our body.

Mindfulness is about the ability to turn our thoughts inwards and observe and appreciate our internal space. This skill is invaluable and can teach us how to regulate our emotions and in turn, reduce stress and bring a deeper focus into our everyday lives – and let’s be honest who wouldn’t appreciate the chance to improve the way we handle our thoughts.

It’s Never too Late to Learn

Whether you are a brand-new student or a yogi seeking a deeper understanding of your practice and your abilities everything taught in the Fundamentals Workshop is designed to make your exploration into yoga an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

To book your place at the workshop call The Yoga School Cairns now on 0421 011892 or book online.