Yoga for Balance


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Life can be stressful and almost everyone is experiencing the speeding up of just about everything, so there is the feeling of not being centered.


While most people come to yoga initially for a physical problem, they end up staying long-term because they simply feel better in their body/mind and start to discover their inner balance.


It is not that problems disappear, but that yoga provides a set of tools to skillfully handle the stresses associated with living.


The major underlying concept of yoga is one of balance.  Balance between flexibility and strength.  Balance between effort and relaxation, and even balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.


This balancing of the right and left hemispheres creates a sense of wholeness.  When we are one side dominant in our brain activity we feel “out of balance” and often this is perceived as being cut off from family, friends, colleagues or nature.  The reality is that we are cut off from ourselves.


Centering takes place at different levels.  First with the body, then with the breath and increasingly with the mind.  Yoga provides so many benefits that a regular practitioner wonders how “normal” people get by.