Life is Simple

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Life is complicated but it is also simple.  The things we need to focus upon and put our energy into are right in front of our face.  How is your health?  How are your relationships?  How are your finances?


Practicing yoga provides benefits in all of these areas – plus more! 


Your physical health is improved with anatomically aligned postures, pranayama or breath-work increases vitality, and conscious relaxation gives you the tools to unknot habitual habit patterns.  Your mental health is improved with the concentration required in both postures and meditation.


The world does indeed revolve around you!  If you are centred, happy and full of energy, then you will be a positive influence to those around you and importantly you will attract people, situations and events that support your intention.


The more clear you are in all aspects: mind, emotions, energy, etc. the more you influence your environment.  Your vitality and vibration is stronger and has a deeper penetration into the world.


With yoga philosophy, this energy is focused in the right directions: health, relationships and your livelihood.  When you realize that what you do with your life directly impacts everything, then you start making wiser decisions, because you better understand the contributions you can make.


When you make mistakes, you are quicker to correct them and implement the lessons.  When you have successes, you see how much others have helped you achieve them.


Life is complicated when we are tired, muddled headed and irritated.  Life is simple when we have abundant energy, clear direction and bring our passion into play.


What direction do you want your life to take?  Do you prefer to be happy or dull and dismal?  I think it is a simple choice and the decision to practice yoga daily is a 'no brainer'.  Think it through, make a decision and then stop arguing with yourself.  Get on the mat, take the benefits you gain into life, and share yoga with all you can.


See you on the mat!




James E. Bryan E.R.Y.T. 500